Edgewood Dentistry is now RiverPark Family Dental


Great news! Edgewood Dentistry is growing. We will be moving to 56th and Rawson Ave. in Franklin in early 2015. We look forward to serving you in our brand new office. Since we are moving from our Edgewood Plaza location we feel that it is fitting for us to adopt a new practice name to reflect our new location and renewed commitment to providing our patients with the finest in dental care. To keep up with progress of the new location and other events at RiverPark Family Dental, follow us on Facebook!

Making Your Oral Health Care Carefree

RiverPark Family Dental offers the highest quality dentistry services for patients of all ages. Dr. James Sherman and his team provide comprehensive dental care using only the latest technology. Our goal is to provide a patient-centered dental practice that provides the excellent dental care in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


Care That's Right For Your Health

Our primary goal is to help all of our patients achieve optimal health. Did you know that  your oral health can provide insight into your overall health, or that mouth health problems such as gum disease can affect the rest of your body? From heart health to pregnancy, we understand that your oral health is a gateway to your overall health. It's why we approach treatment for each of our patients on an individual basis, based on your complete health needs.


Care That's Right For Your Budget

We strive to provide the highest quality care in the most cost-conscious method possible. We understand the need for some people to balance their financial situation with their health needs. At RiverPark Family Dental we will provide you with treatment and payment options that work for you.


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